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Day Program


​Everyone is different. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are no exception. We all have different likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies, learning styles, etc. Why should there be one program that every individual should have to fit into? Why not create an individualized program for each individual?

At Possibility Place we will do exactly that.


Each participant that is accepted into our program is evaluated and an IPP (Individualized Program Plan) is created and placed into action. This offers the highest chance of success and the greatest benefit to the individual.


What We Do


We learn, have fun, and volunteer in the community! We build life skills, social skills, and work skills! We build friendships! We try to take advantage of every opportunity and possibility so we can grow to be the best we can be.


Possibility Place provides a full curriculum of job skills, productive work habits, functional academics, computer skills, health and nutrition, physical wellness, art, music, crafts, community activities, volunteer opportunities, daily life skills, leisure, and learning activities.


Many of our participants will also participate in neurodevelopmental exercises and activities to help with overall learning, processing and retention.



Where We Meet


We currently meet at First Baptist Church.

Our Focus


Our day program has FIVE focus areas:


1. Continuing Education

Learning is a lifelong endeavor and should never stop. At Possibility Place our participants will have the opportunity to continue learning in areas such as computer skills, functional reading and math, language, and thinking skills.


2. Daily Living Skills

Possibility Place provides training in day-to-day living including nutrition, meal planning and preparation, money skills, home care, health, hygiene, personal safety, and community safety.


3. Vocational Training

We offer participants the opportunity to develop and maintain the skills and behaviors necessary for vocation.


4. Community Involvement

Possibility Place provides opportunities for our participants to be involved in our community through:

-volunteer opportunities

-learning to ride the Rover

-trips to parks, the library, shopping, etc.

-attending community events


5. Social And Recreation Skills

Possibility Place will focus on helping participants learn interpersonal skills to build and maintain productive relationships. They will learn about physical health and mental wellness as well as how to make the best use of their leisure time. They will explore hobbies and, if interested, participate in sports and physical activities at their ability level.

Our Schedule and Fees


​Possibility Place is a year-round program with the month of July off. We are closed for two weeks at Christmas, and on major holidays.

We meet Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 3:30pm. Extended care is available for those that need it.


We volunteer at local nonprofits about once a week. 

We go on "Field Trips" 1-2 times monthly, almost always on Fridays, where everyone has the opportunity to attend.


We offer, with limited availability

*5 day track (Monday through Friday)

*3 day track (Mon/Wed/Fri OR Tues/Thur/Fri)

*2 day track A (Monday and Wednesday) 

*2 day track B (Tuesday and Thursday)



There is a $35 non-refundable application fee due when the application is submitted.


Program fees are:

2 days per week: $264 monthly

3 days per week: $396 monthly

5 days per week: $660 monthly 

Fees are paid monthly, and must be paid on each participant's first school day of the month.

Fees are due even if the participant does not attend due to illness, being out of town, holidays, snow days, etc. 


We will follow the Rutherford County Schools schedule ONLY for Snow/Inclement Weather Days.

Admission Criteria and How To Apply

The aim of Possibility Place is to provide the best possible program for for our adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To help ensure success in this mission there will be certain criteria for admission into Possibility Place:


1.  A primary diagnosis of Intellectual Disability or Autism.

2.  Applicant must be at least 18 years old.

3.  Applicant must be independent in self-care skills (eating, 

     toileting, etc.)

4.  Applicant must be mature enough to be able to interact       

     appropriately with the other adults in the program as well as

     staff and volunteers.

5.  The applicant's physical and cognitive needs must be

     manageable enough to not require one-on-one assistance or

     exceed our ideal 7:1 client to staff ratio.

6.  Applicant has had a medical examination within 6 months

     prior to admission which shows the applicant is free of acute,

     chronic medical problems including communicable diseases.

7.  Proof of medical insurance.

8.  Applicant demonstrates socially appropriate behavior.


**Additional reports, if available, such as psychological evals will be helpful for us in determining eligibility.


Additional Information

Unfortunately, at this time Possibility Place cannot approve applicants in need of nursing care or individuals who are emotionally disturbed, physically or verbally aggressive, or are unable to control their behavior.


All participants who are accepted are given a 60 day probationary period to see if Possibility Place can meet the needs of the individual. If both parties agree that it is a good fit, families are asked to make a one year commitment.


If you would like to apply, email Sonya Craig, Executive Director, at to schedule a visit and receive an application packet.


Possibility Place admits individuals of any race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin to all programs and activities.

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