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The "Believe Team" is the name of our volunteer team. They are a group of men and women from the community who are interested in helping our wonderful adults be all they can be. They believe these adults can achieve and succeed and are committed to helping them reach their goals.


We are always looking for volunteers who can help with the day program such as crafts, exercise, field trips, as well as fundraising, product sales, and special events.


Learn how you can help. Email Sonya at Volunteer Info



We welcome all local university students, but especially those majoring in Special Education, Speech and Language Pathology, Physical Therapy, or other related fields to join our Believe Team. 


Whether you can join us regularly or just need to get in a few volunteer hours for credit, contact us to see if Possibility Place would be a good fit.



If you are an educator or therapist we would greatly value your input and time!

Please come visit and see if we can form a partnership to help these special adults reach their goals and be everything they can be. 


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