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What is the Be A Pal Program?

Our Be A Pal to A Pal program started in 2020 when we were faced with overcoming the hurdles that Covid created for us and so many others. We implemented new strategies to keep our Pals safe and healthy, but not without an increased cost. We created dividers to separate our pals where distancing wasn’t an option. We purchased additional supplies such as gloves, masks, and extra cleaning supplies. We also switched from communal classroom supplies to individual supply boxes. While having our Pals sponsored originally meant help with these much needed supplies, the program has brought so much joy to our Pals and their sponsors! With that in mind we would love to grow the program and see all 39 of our pals sponsored! 

When you choose to “Be a Pal to a Pal” you will be matched with a Pal and receive a quarterly newsletter and handwritten note or drawing from them as well as some Possibility Place swag!

Some sponsors have sent notes or small gifts to their Pal as well. Your help with providing day to day classroom needs will be a much appreciated blessing to us and we know your connection with your Pal will be a blessing to you! 


Joining is easy! Just click the donate button below and check the “monthly donation” box to set up a $25 monthly donation.

Thank you so much for Being a Pal to a Pal! 

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“The opportunity to sponsor a Pal through the ‘Be A Pal’ program has given my wife and me such joy. To know that another Pal has the chance to become a stronger and more independent individual as a result of this program is so encouraging, and we are thankful for this privilege.” -Will 

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